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Call to Action- Support Funding for Climate Smart Agriculture!

As farmers, we're out on the front lines of climate change. We work hard to preserve water, soil, and biodiversity, and to keep carbon in the ground. Rarely do farmers get compensated for these vital public services. This year, we have the chance to fund climate smart agriculture practices! But we have to act fast. Senate Bill 243: An Act Concerning Climate-Smart Agricultural Practices would update the CT Farmland Restoration Grant program to support farmers in implementing climate-smart agricultural practices. Here's how you can support this bill! Thanks to Working Lands Alliance for putting together this action toolkit. WHAT YOU CAN DO TO HELP SUPPORT THIS LEGISLATION

  1. Submit written testimony! Due by 3pm on March 6th to Here is an example of written testimony for this bill Here is our one-pager that outlines why this bill is important CC your legislators and when you submit testimony

  2. Sign up to testify! Register by 3pm on March 6th. Check out these helpful short videos put together by CT-N on how to submit written testimony and how to orally testify.

  3. Let your legislator know why you support this bill and ask them to co-sponsor it. Find your legislator here

  4. Follow WLA and NCTFA on Instagram to get updates

Together, we can create a future where the climate change mitigation strategies put into place by small farmers are valued and encouraged.

Please let us know if you want any coaching in putting together your testimony! We're always happy to connect about things like this.

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