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nctfa listserv

Directions to Join Listserv

— for new members:

By becoming a member of the New CT Farmer Alliance, you will have access to our statewide farmer e-mail listserv. To be able to use the listserv, please fill out our membership registration form. After you register, you will receive an e-mail notification with directions once we add you to the list. If you do not receive this notification within the week, let us know by e-mailing newctfarmers[at]gmail[dot]com.

Directions to Use Listserv

— for existing members:

Once you receive the e-mail notification that you have been added to the listserv, you are welcome to use it.  To communicate with the listserv simply send an e-mail to, which will send your e-mail to all members. If you reply to a message, it will send the reply to the entire listserv in order to keep everyone included in the conversation. If you would like to send a message directly to the sender, you can copy their individual e-mail in place of the listserv e-mail.

If you would prefer to receive messages as a daily digest or manage other group settings, see the instructions here.

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