steering committee

  • Coordinator

    Mary Claire Whelan

    MC has been farming for the past 6 seasons at a wide variety of different vegetable operations. She is passionate about building political community between farmers and growing strong networks to make land and resources more accessible. Please contact her and the alliance at

  • President

    Will O'Meara

    Owner-Operator of Hungry Reaper Farm in Morris, CT

  • Secretary

    Eleanor Angerame

    Executive director of Green Village Initiative in Bridgeport, CT

  • Treasurer

    Elliott McGann

    Manager of market garden at Trillium Brewing Company in Stonington, CT

  • Member

    Robert Chang

    Owner-operator of Echo Farm in Woodstock, CT

  • Member

    Yoko Takemura

    Owner-operator of Assawaga Farm in Putnam, CT

  • Member

    Lauren Henderson

    Crew member at Fort Hill Farm in New Milford, CT

past members

  • Steve Munno

  • Joey Listro

  • Shannon Raider-Ginsburg

  • Susan Mitchell

  • Rachel Berg

  • Toby Fisher

  • Charlotte Ross

  • Sydney Clements

  • Stephanie Berlutti