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2024 Grantees!

NCTFA seeks to support the next generation of climate stewards to tend to the land in ways that will ultimately benefit all of us. We awarded 23 grants to Connecticut farms to fund a range of agriculture and forestry practices that contribute to climate change mitigation and resilience. Congratulations to this year's grantees!

Aasaaska Foundation - Bloomfield

Lathrop Farmstead - Lebanon

Sweet Ring Farm - Sandy Hook

Beets & Blooms Farm - East Hampton

Great Ring Farm - Sandy Hook

CT Garlic Company - East Granby

Joon Gardens - Newtown

Wild Raven Farm - Oxford

Brown Farm - Scotland

Ramble Creek Farm - Columbia

Howling Flats Farm - Canaan

SEAmarron Farmstead - Danbury

Slowpoke Farm - Bloomfield

Foliota Farm - Mansfield Center

Samad Gardens Initiative - Windsor

Cloverleigh Farm - Columbia

Hoadley Hills Farm - South Kent

Stonewall Acres - Coventry

$8,000 TIER

Hungry Reaper Farm - Morris

Sunset Farm - Naugatuck

Micro Alliance - Woodbury

Echo Farm - Woodstock

Marble Valley Farm - Kent

$30,000 TIER

The next round of NCTFA's Climate Smart Ag & Forestry Grant will open for applications in Fall 2024!

Funding for this project was paid for the Climate Smart Farming: Agriculture and Forestry Grant. Funding awarded and administered by the Connecticut Department of Agriculture.

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