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NCTFA Offered the following workshops For our members in 2021. Click on the title of the workshop to access the recording on youtube.

Hemp/CBD Licensing for Small Farmers- Recording

w/ Héctor Gerardo and Liz, owners of SEAmarron farms and hosts of Blue Dream Radio

Are you considering adding CBD or hemp production to your farm operation? Join local hemp farmers and cannabis equity advocates Liz and Héctor Gerardo as they walk you through the process of getting licensed to grow CBD & hemp in Connecticut!

Affording Farmland- Recording

w/ Land for Good

Finding affordable farmland is often cited as one of the biggest barriers to farmland access. During the pandemic, the demand for farmland has surged, and farmland is often priced according to its value for rural estates or development. This session will dive into the mechanics behind accessing and affording farmland, from the most basic lease or purchase, to some of the more innovative methods farmers are using to secure their land tenure. We will discuss capital purchases and financing, collaborative models of farming, and the benefits of a range of farmland access methods.

New Opportunities for Farm to School- Recording 

w/ Put Local on Your Tray and the CT Farm to School Collaborative

Hear how new energy and partnerships are creating better pathways for gaining market access to school purchasing. This workshop will deconstruct the many barriers and perceived challenges to working with schools. School are the fastest growing components of farm to institution with many districts pursuing local relationships for menu items, taste tests and exploring new recipes.

Farm Loans 101- Recording

w/ Farm Credit East and the USDA's Farm Service Agency

Curious about how to make farm loans and credit work for your business? We will be covering a few different loan options, focusing on low interest loans geared toward beginning and intermediate farmers. Join us to learn about eligibility criteria, how to combine types of financing, and how to navigate the application process!


Policy 101: Being a Farmer Advocate- Recording

w/ Working Lands Alliance, CT Farm Bureau, and the CT Food & Ag Resiliency Coalition

Join us to learn about work being done in Connecticut to advocate for farmers and for a resilient local food system. Gain the skills you need to become a farmer advocate!


Choosing a Business Structure: Entity Formation for Farmers- Recording

w/ Legal Food Hub

Selecting a business structure is one of the first decisions when starting a food or farm business. The structure you choose influences day-to-day operations, how you pay taxes and even how much of your personal assets are at risk. Join us to discuss the pros and cons of different options, and to get expert advice from Legal Food Hub.


Uconn Extension: Services & Support For Farmers- Recording

w/ The UConn Soil Lab, Fruit Crops Specialist, and Solid Ground

Are you tapping in to all the support UConn Extension has to offer? Don't go it alone! Join us to connect with specialists at UConn and learn about the many programs and services they have to offer CT farmers.

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